4-year-old: Arkansas will win it all

My son correctly picked #14 UAB to beat #3 Iowa State.

The whiz kid also picked #14 Georgia State to upset #3 Baylor.

He’s 4.

OK, 4 1/2 to his credit.

He also doesn’t care a thing about the NCAA Tournament.

I sat down with my son to fill out his own bracket. I read him the names of each game and asked him to pick the winners. After one day of the tournament, the little twerp is destroying me. He actually went 12-4 and if he were in my online league (in retrospect, I should have made an online bracket for him), he would be tied for first. Meanwhile, I’m in last.

What he got right:

  • The aforementioned #14 over #3 upsets. Not only did he pick UAB and Georgia State, but he also correctly picked their opponents in the next round UCLA and Xavier.
  • He wisely selected Cincinnati to beat Purdue, which was a very close game.
  • He was not phased by the potential of a #12 over #5 upset. He correctly chose Arkansas and Utah to win.

What he got wrong:

  • He got a little ambitious and selected both Duke and Wisconsin, both #1 seeds, to fall in the first round. As a Winthrop alumni and Coastal Carolina hater, I’m particularly concerned about his confidence in the team to be Wisconsin.
  • Despite picking Louisville to win two games, he completely butchered the name of the school.
  • He showed his allegiance to Wyoming (knowing that we’re driving there this summer) and picked them to win their opening game. As of this writing, they have not yet won, but it seems like a stretch.
  • He doesn’t think much of #2 seeds. He predicted Kansas, Arizona and Gonzaga all to fall in the first round. He only has faith that Virginia will make it out to the Final Four.

His Final Four:

Buffalo vs. Arkansas

Virginia vs. “Easter” Washington

Champion: Arkansas Razorbacks


There it is folks.

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